Sonar System In Aquatic Lives

Nature can be spontaneously amazing and beautiful. Nature has gifted some animal with abilities that humans can only dream about. Yes, humans may be the most advanced intellectual being alive but there are some animals gifted with some abilities that one might wish to posses and add to his own intellectual ability. Ever wonder how it will be like to have the sight of an eagle, or posses the strength of an elephant or to be able to walk on water for a few seconds like the Jesus lizard [basilisk]. That would be awesome. None of these astonish me the most than animal being able to communicate and detect object far away from each other with the use of there own natural sonar. Whales and dolphins can be a very good example for this.

What Are Sonars

Sonars are sound detecting system. These system can use sound waves to locate objects, navigate, communicate with object and be able to avoid obstacle. Sonar devices are mostly use in the military and aquatic researchers to track animals and in some cases hunt them. With the use of Sonars, submarines can be able to detect missiles and torpedoes heading their way. They can counter the locked target once detected. Sonar device has been around for a pretty long time that it played a few part in the first World War.

How Sonars Work In Aquatic Animals.

Like I said before, whales and dolphins are good example of animal with natural sonar. They can be able to detect object even as small as tennis ball far away and be able to tell it’s exact size and location of the mystery object.

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Whales and dolphins echolocate by making a sound, the sounds they make travels rockets away in the ocean and bounce on object, prey or maybe a lost family member. When these sound waves bounce on objects, it reflect back to the initial whale that made a sound. Just like those throw back echos you recieve when you make a sound in an empty closed up room. With those reflected sounds that bounces back to the whale, it can be able to echolocate where the object is and how far it is. Whales and dolphins use more of sonar than they use eye sight. So nothing can go giving them a surprised ambush and they can never get separated from members for too long.

Aquatic lives sonar
The image is describing how a whale can use natural sonar to detect prey miles away from it


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