Solutions To Plastic Pollution In Our Seas

Every day, millions of people consume millions of products such as drinks that are packaged with plastic containers. Certain times, after drinking we throw the plastic bottle into a refuse bin, sometimes we make the mistake of dropping them on the floor. Due to its lightweight, it may end up in an ocean due to wind.

What is Plastic Pollution?

When plastic bottles or cans are accumulated everywhere such that it poses danger to the human environment and begins to create problems in the lives of plants and animals, it is called plastic pollution. These plastics are manufactured from toxic compounds which cause illness to humans beings especially babies.

Food wrappers and beverage containers are all over the place making everywhere untidy and this causes it to end up in the sea environments because of its lightweight. By 2050, scientific studies have shown that the oceans which dominate 70% of the earth surface will contain more plastic than fish by weight. And this will cause clogging above the sea blocking oxygen for aquatic animals.

This plastic solution can become a threat to sea animal lives, so we ask for suggested ways by which it can be put to an end because this toxic plastics are harmful to lives. We listed some solutions to plastic pollution and also expecting your contribution at the end of this article.

Plastic pollution solutions

Solutions to prevent plastic pollution

The ocean packs on it the leftovers from consumer activities and commercial fishing that lump together in huge garbage patches and choke fish, birds and other marine life. Ocean plastics are already affecting marine life, hurting people whose livelihoods depend on fishing and threatening human health.

  • The first in our solutions to plastic pollution is that people living at the seasides area should be educated about the effect of dropping plastics into oceans.
  • Use of data visualization to monitor trash bins and know when they are full and due to be disposed at the right place. This will help create awareness and action can be taken easily.
  • The Government should also help to provide trash bins for people especially those who reside at the seasides. At times, people drop things into the rivers because there is no way of throwing their rubbish so they believe that water will carry them away.
  • Plastic production industries should provide means whereby disposable cans can be recycled. Also paying an individual a sum of money for returning a plastic container for recycling.
  • Reduce the consumption of plastic packaged foods and water.
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Add some other solutions to plastic pollution so we can save our future and also save our present environment.

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