The Age Of The Self Driving Cars

A self-driving car basically is a car that forms the aid of sensors and different sorts of onboard devices that perceives it’s environment and location. Driverless cars is able to navigate itself around while avoiding obstacles and getting to destinations without any human help.

Here we have always stressed on how stern and dedicated mankind is at making advances in technology. At a point in time, we did not even have cars but now we have cars that we drive. And we have cars that move autonomously without human aid. A famous example of these technologically advanced car makers is the Tesla, Waymo which started as google driverless car.

Now we wonder how are these cars were able to perform this human-like task with such accuracy? Sensors like radar, computer vision, lidar, GPS, odometry, sonar are the combined variety of sensors used in self-driving cars. These sensors perceive their surroundings in an advanced control systems to identify appropriate navigation paths, as well as obstacles and relevant signage.

Importance of self-driving cars

  • These cars are clearly a milestone upgrade in man’s technology, because it helps us to reduce cost of producing cars, increases the safety of users while reducing traffic congestion and increases customer satisfaction.
  • It will also be very helpful as it will be able to transport disabled people that weren’t able to drive conventional cars.
  • It will also be great for businesses in the delivery sector just like Amazon’s Delivery bot.

The advantages of this technology (apart from the joy of using transportation without having a human effect on the vehicle) are very vast.

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Disadvantages of driverless cars

  • Legal framework: The government and several corporations are still trying to panel out the legal framework of self-driving cars. For example, who do you blame when a self-driving car hits to injure or kill a person while avoiding a head-on collision with an obstacle? This is a real issue for cooperations that make self-driving cars.
  • Security concerns: Since a self-driving car is completely controlled by onboard devices and equipment. It can be manipulated by hackers and computer experts thereby leading to auto theft and all sorts of crime.
  • Loss of driver related jobs: Since these driverless cars need zero or very little humanitarian aid to transport goods or people around. Then people that are employed by virtue of transporting goods are eventually going to lose their jobs here. This causes economic and security problem in the country or society.

Challenges of self driving cars

However despite it is among the top 10 technologies to trend in 2019, the self-driving cars still have technical issues that are very difficult to solve due to technological limitations.

  • The challenge for driverless cars in this age of self-driving cars for designers is to produce control systems capable of analyzing sensory data. So as to provide accurate detection of other vehicles and the road ahead. Control systems on automated cars may use Sensor Fusion, which is an approach that integrates information from a variety of sensors in the car. These sensors produce a more consistent, accurate, and useful view of the environment.
  • Driverless cars require some form of machine vision for the purpose of visual object recognition. Automated cars are being developed with deep neural networks. A type of deep learning architecture with many computational stages, or levels. Neurons are simulated from the environment that activates the network. The neural network depends on an extensive amount of data extracted from real-life driving scenarios, enabling the neural network to “learn” how to execute the best course of action.
  • Heavy rainfall, hail, or snow could impede the car sensors and make driverless cars less effective.
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