Phone hangs While Charging? See The Solutions

Hello! Welcome to EmsParagon, I will be talking about the reason why your phone hangs while charging and how to stop it.

These days, we plug our phones and at same time, want to be making use of it. Some people don’t believe that plugging phone and using can cause harm to either the phone or you using it.

Have you ever plugged your phone but you can’t scroll through it? It seems everything has freezed. The power button may not function until you unplug it.

Below are the solutions which I have tested and confirmed.


Whenever you plug your phone and it hangs your device, making it not to operate smoothly.

Use your phone’s main charger

This is one of the major reasons why your phone hangs while charging. Using your phone’s original charger won’t cause your phone to hang, but when you use a charger which is different, it causes it to seize.

Avoid plugging your charger directly to the wall

Do you plug your phone charger directly to the wall? Stop it! It is never safe. Phone chargers should be plugged on extension cable sockets, this helps to reduce the voltage on the wall socket.

Have a good charging cords/cables

Yes, I said that. I mentioned main phone charger earlier but most times we have good charger heads, but the cables/cords are not working fine again. Change of the cords can boost your chance of having a smooth charging experience.

Don’t use your phone while charging

Finally, don’t try it. This spoils phone battery, charger and can also cause problems to your phone. Using your phone while it’s charging is not advisable for you. It can cause battery explosion.

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After applying these solutions hope it worked for you? Tell us other solutions not mentioned here.

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