How To use Your phone as wireless Modem

Hello! In this article, I will you teach how to use your phone as a wireless modem, that is, connecting your phone to your Wi-Fi Hotspot using your phone’s Wi-Fi.

It is really annoying that moment you have a lot of data on your phone but couldn’t use it to browse on your PC because you don’t have a modem. And you don’t know your phone can be an alternative to it.

The world of smartphones is getting advanced every day that there is always a practical solution to most problems concerning mobile devices. Here you will learn how to use your phone as a modem, by using a Wi-Fi connection.


Wi-Fi is a wireless local area networking technology that enhances connections on smartphones, printers, laptops and any Wi-Fi compatible device. That’s the definition.

Using Wi-Fi connection can be tricky to some people because laptops or desktops will require for your network security code to access the network. Some people usually enter their phone passwords as their network security code and end up getting frustrated when it won’t connect.

Your phone password is quite different from your network security code, so you have to create your network security code.


Now different phones have different steps to set up the Wi-Fi connections.

Go to your phone settings, and then go to more. Select the Network or Cellular connection.

Select the Network and internet

Click on Mobile or Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Select Wi-Fi hotspot

Go to set up Wi-Fi hot-spot connection and set your password.

Select Set up Wi-Fi hotspot

Enter your desired password, select the security menu and choose the WPA2 PSK then press the save button. “You now have a network security code”.

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set up your password

Now to make use of it, ON your phone hot-spot and then your ON your laptop or desktop Wi-Fi.

Turn on the Wi-Fi Hotspot

Go to the network bar on your PC which can be found at the down right-hand side of your computer. Click on it and search for your phone hot-spot, then connect with your phone, check the screen shots below.

When you connect your phone, the computer will now require for your network security code, enter the password you just created. Wait for your laptop or desktop to verify it.

Once verified, you are good to browse with your laptop.

Hope you understood it clearly?

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