How to score high in jamb utme 2019 exams

In Nigeria, Jamb is not the kind of examination you joke with because if you don’t know how to score in jamb, you will definitely fail, that means sitting an extra one year at home.

Do you want to score high so as to secure your chance of being among the admitted ones in 2019? So you have to follow some simple rules that will lead you to success.

In this case, you have come to the right place because i will give you every detailed secrets on how to pull yourself out of the crowd. Maybe you are not very much prepared but it’s not late for you to catch up with others after you might have read my articles and put them into practice.

Scoring as high as 300 is super easy only if you believe you can do it. Never you doubt yourself. Motivate yourself and pick up your books, study them like you are learning how to sing your favorite song. Just like that, you have mastered the lyrics to the exam questions.

Read these tips very well and watch yourself excell during your examination day.

1. Motivate yourself

This is the first step to take so as to score high in jamb 2019, say i can do it! Sometimes, we do think that we are not, capable of making it out of the crowd.

Due to millions of people writing the same exam with us, sometimes we loose confidence not knowing we are killing whats’ inside us, don’t think such, why not believe you are different and have something in you others don’t have.

Set your target, you know what you want to score, 300, 350, and yes 400. How does it sound that you got all the 400 questions correctly, that means all your answers are perfect. Though, no one has reached this milestone, but I believe it can be reached.

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2. Make good friends

Am sure you seeing yourself excelling in the jamb exam 2019. So now let’s make friends that will help you get motivated before the exam starts. This is a very crucial part that whatever kind of friend you make will determine the rate of your success in your examination.

Make friend with someone who is ready to achieve success as you do. Avoid the bad ones, don’t listen to their foolish talks. Form a reading group, ask yourselves questions after reading, discuss on the related topics and questions you think are likely to be asked during the exam.

By doing this, you will be sharing knowledge and understanding more about a topic and the subject itself.

3. Set a reading time table

You are progressing, now at your convenient time. Get a sheet of paper or at the back page of your notebook, use the format below to set up your personal reading time table.

Subject ASubject BSubject CSubject D Subject BSubject A
Subject CSubject DSubject ASubject BSubject DSubject C

You have four subjects to take in your jamb 2019 exams, so i used the four subjects format as Subject A,B,C,D..

This reading format is made in such that, all subjects are touched and still touched back in the sense that there’s no much gap in rereading a subject, that eases the retentive memory.

I hope you do understood it?

4. Study regularly

Do you know that one of the ways to make your jamb is by regular reading? After you might have set your reading time table, you need to implement it, you need make sure that you never skipped an hour of it.

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Reading your books and making researches gives you a higher chance of scoring high in jamb 2019.

Your brain needs to have something added to it, analyse your textbooks and note books well and get the best of information from it.

Have the jamb syllabus with you because it has the most area of concentration and that is where your questions are likely to come from.

5. Study your jamb past questions and test your answering speed

You must have been reading your books but while also reading, you need to study your past questions carefully. This will help you to know the pattern jamb uses in setting their question.

It is believed that jamb repeats questions every year. If you check it out, jamb has been in existence over a decade so every topic has been covered in their past questions. Proper study of this will give you 60% boost.

While studying and going true your past question, always remember that jamb examination is time based. You need to download the Jamb CBT test app or visit any closest jamb accredited center and test yourself before the exam starts.

6. Prayers

Yes I said prayers, heaven helps those who help themselves and that applies only after you might have done all above. Surely, heaven must see you through.

Before you read, after you have read to your capability, and before going into the exam hall, say your prayers. There’s no other assurance than prayers, so don”t forget to pray.

7. Choose the right answer

This is the chief of the success. A house must be roofed even if you think laying the foundation is the main thing.

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You’ve been preparing yourself all this while, so picking the right should be the right way to crown it. You are not perfect but remember what i said earlier, MOTIVATE yourself.

One thing that makes you fail is if you don’t know how to pick out the correct answer. If you read your books well and understands the topics, jamb questions will be like a revision to you.


Once you see a question, try to eliminate the two wrongs ones first before you make the right choice.

Avoid using phone, when reading, it distracts.

Avoid revealing your course of study to people.

Never miss classes and be more close to your teachers.

If you enjoyed and found this article useful and helpful, drop your comment below.

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