Over charger voltage: how to avoid it

Hello! Have you been wondering how to avoid over charger voltage that pops up whenever you connect your charger to your phone? It pops up even when you switch off your phone and try to charge. I’ll be telling you what causes your phone to write over charger voltage that you should please disconnect it.

Charger over voltage

These days we try to use different kind of chargers to charge our phones, not knowing or minding what may happen to our phone. Charging port may spoil, battery spoil or even the internal phone circuit may get damaged when a wrong charger is used on our phones.

There are many chargers out there that can match our phones capacity and will charge well. We make the mistake of looking out for only the fast chargers. Also we will always like to use our phone while charging.

I will tell you the reason why your phone displays your charger is over voltage, please disconnect it and also how to avoid it.

How to stop charger over voltage


  • Use the Main Charger of Your phone

    Are you using the same type of charger that came with the phone? If No, It is very possible that you may be using a charger with high voltage on your phone. Some phones charge at 1A or more depending on the type of phone you use. Despite the fact that they all have same micro USB cable, don’t make the mistake of using a charger that isn’t meant for your device. Using a wrong charger can destroy your phone’s internal charging circuitry. So be very careful when selecting a charger, making sure that its current draw is the same as the phone. The phone makers has already marked the voltage that will be suitable for your phone and giving it out to you cause it will not cause any harm to the phone. Looking at the details of the charger you use, you will see where it boldly wrote about the voltage, so if a charger voltage output is higher than the input of your phone, it causes it to have over charger voltage. so I suggest that you change your charger to the main charger. Avoid fast chargers if your device does not support it.

  • Switch off the phone and charge

    Another step on how to avoid over charger voltage, switching off your phone in order to charge it is one of the ways of avoiding over charger voltage. When the phone is shut down, every app that is running gets closed. Experiments have shown that phone charges faster when it is shutdown than when it is on. So when you switch off the phone try to charge it, if it still says over charger voltage then I suggest you change to the main charger.

  • Avoid using your phone while charging

    Do you use your phone while charging? Stop it! Using your phone while charging, makes the phone battery to be weak. Therefore, may not be able to attain its maximum input when charging. When you plug your phone and you are making use of it, that means the ones that gets charged is being used up immediately by the phone. The charger is trying to charge your phone to fullness but you keep putting pressure on the battery, this makes it weak. When this happens, you may not have a lasting battery again. It is wrong, try to leave your phone to full then you can make use it. Or whenever you want to make use of it, you disconnect the charger from it.

  • Avoid plugging your charger directly to the wall socket

    Do you know that plugging a charger directly to the wall socket is risky? To avoid over charger voltage, avoid plugging your phone directly to the wall socket, try to use extension sockets. Don’t plug your phone to an electric socket that have a high voltage, it is either your charger gets burnt or your charger and phone burns together.

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Try out this steps and feel free to tell us what you think.

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