How to subscribe to Glo cheap subscription plans

Glo has the cheapest subscription plans in Nigeria and it boasts to be the Grand Masters of data and no doubts, they are. Rolling out a lot of cheap bundle plans for people to chose which one to subscribe to.

“I finish my monthly subscription within 4 days”

So you ask, how come, how did my subscription finish. How can I subscribe to Glo cheap subscription plans?

Have you ever stayed a moment without data? How does it feel like? I don’t think you love it. Imagine subscribing for one month and within 5 days, your data had finished.

Even if you don’t have enough money to subscribe big enough, don’t worry, I got you big news. I will teach you how to enjoy what others do, this plan is going to help students a lot.

Do you know, as a Glo customer, with 200 Naira, you can get cheap subscription plans up to 1,288 mb? How does it sound? It’s real. You just need to be a Glo customer so you can get access to it.

Dial *777#, Press 1 (buy data), press 1 (buy 3G or 4G), press 5 (special offers), press 2 (special 200 data plan), press 1 (200 for 1288 mb) Proceed.

Yes that’s it, you just subscribed with 200 naira.

Note: If you are on Glo Bumpa, this will last for 3 days but those on glo yakata can enjoy it for 10 days.

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